1. Why Create An Account?


As a member you will be kept up to date on all the latest news in our creative community.

You will be able to post reviews on creatives you have worked with.

And most importantly you will be able to list yourself, or your business, and be found on Find A Creative.

We have also made setting up your Account even easier with Facebook & Twitter sign in options.


2. List Your Service

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Once you have set up your Account you can then ‘List a Service’ on the Find A Creative site. Simply click on the link in the header, or on the prompts below, and get started.

If you are Multi Tasker (eg: a Photographer with a Studio to hire) you may want to List more than one Service. Or if you are an Agency looking to maximise exposure for your own represented Creatives and Talent, then we have a plan for this too. There are 3 very affordable plans to choose from with various listing options and offers in each.It is super easy and super fast to set up and includes all of your contact details, links to your own website as well as the option to upload your entire portfolio!


 3. Why Wouldn’t You?!

Find A Creative has very quickly become the go to site for Clients looking for Creatives, Talent, & Services for their productions. With this new and improved site you will become part of a Creative Community that spans across the globe, from London to LA, New York to New Zealand, Singapore to Sydney! You or your business will get found by clients from all over the world.

Clients are able to contact you direct for bookings (and no commissions or service fees will be taken by FAC from any work received via this site). You will know when contact has been made via this site so you will see straight away the value of your Listing.

The Listing plans are all very affordable with ‘Pay by the Month’ payment options also available. This makes it easier than ever to get yourself out there. We also promote all of the creatives listed through our various social networks at no extra cost to you, so be sure to follow all of these to keep connected with our Creative Community.

Setting up of your ‘Listed Service’ is so easy and so fast. It will include all contact info, links to your own website, the option to upload your entire portfolio (so if you didn’t have a website before, no need now, create your portfolio on ours!). Clients will even be able to find your business via Street View anywhere in the world, this is a really fun feature.

You can even add a link to your Listed Service to your own email Signatures so clients can see all your info with one easy click. Its so easy to get found on Find A Creative.

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