Find a Creative Terms & Conditions

To use the site, you must read and agree to these terms and conditions.

FAC is an industry directory relating to the print & media photographic industry. FAC includes people related to the production of stills photographic shoots. This includes creative people who work in this area and production and tradespeople who facilitate in the production of a stills shoot. It also includes the Digital design industry such as Web designers & developers.

FAC is a directory of people seeking work within the print media industry. FAC is merely a way of connecting people. It acts as a conduit only for information provided to FAC by the users of this site. FAC is not an employment agency and has not vetted, and does not recommend, the individuals and businesses listed on this site.

Using the Site

You must:

  1. Use the FAC site entirely at your own risk: and
  2. Hold FAC (including its founders, Rebecca Moore and Jenni Booth) harmless in respect of your use of the FAC site, including in respect of any work to be carried out by a person or business listed on the FAC site.
  3. FAC (including its founders, Rebecca Moore and Jenni Booth) makes no representation as to the accuracy or currency of any information supplied by a person or business and published on the FAC site.

Listing as a Creative

When listing with FAC you must provide honest and accurate information about your experience in your given field. This will ensure the high quality of the website. Failure to do so can result in you being removed from the site without refund of membership fees.

It is your own responsibility to keep all information you provide up to date. You can access your information at all times to do this.


A yearly subscription fee will be payable when creating your listing with FAC. This is payable by Paypal or credit card. This covers costs for upkeep of the site and for promotion of the site within the industry. Promotion of the site is aimed at generating more work for the individuals listed on the site. A renewal reminder will automatically be sent out to remind you to renew every 12months. FAC’s yearly subscription rates are subject to change at FAC’s sole discretion.

Listing Guidelines

  • You must be currently employed in the Stills Photographic Industry for Print and Digital Media.
  • Your credentials listed in your public profile must be of a standard that reflects your experience in the Stills Photographic Industry through your website and clients you have worked for.
  • To ensure that this website stays of a high quality & standard that will work successfully for all clients, we will exercise the right to remove any listing that we feel is not yet of the professional standard required for this industry and a full refund will be given for your subscription.
  • Should the majority of your work fall into another area of photography such as weddings or family portraits you will not be eligible for listing as this website is a tool especially designed for the Stills Photographic Industry for Print and Digital Media. This website will not be targeting the general public as clientele.
  • When choosing your Category to be listed in, please ensure you have paid experience in this category. This does not include paid test shoots or personal projects.
  • When making your category selection please make sure you select categories describing what you actually do. If we feel that any of your selections are not valid we will notify you by email to edit your page. If this is not rectified Find A Creative will do this on your behalf.

Cancellation of Membership

If your subscription membership expires and is not renewed by you, we will not thereafter make your Personal Information available to any person. If you wish to cancel your subscription you may do so by sending an email request via the FAC site or directly to

As soon as reasonably practicable after your membership lapses or is cancelled by you, FAC will delete your membership record from its database and will cease to maintain your Personal Information.

If you cancel your subscription for any reason, prior to your 12 month period expiring, there will be no refund for the remaining term of your subscription.